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How To Clean Pearls

Safe Methods For Cleaning Pearl Jewelry

The pearls that many of us adorn ourselves with are cultured ones and their existence was initiated by us by inserting a bead or some other foreign object into a clam or an oyster. The oyster coats that foreign substance with nacre, the patina that makes pearls get their unique appearance.

tie dyeing patterns, Tie Dye Pattern Instructions

Art of Dyeing 2

Choice of fabric

Generally the material for selection of dye is more important criteria. If you select the cotton material then the dye will be perfect and have great look. The other natural material like linen can also be used quite effectively. Often you will find good collection of T-shirts from local shops with imprint of dyes. It is necessary to wash the garment for dyeing purpose otherwise it won’t stick dye.

Dyes used

There are specific dyes used in tie dye, primarily for cotton garments use of Procion MX is preferred. This actually dissolved in urea solution. With help of yellow, turquoise, and fuchsia colors you can make all colors with your creative thinking. Tie dye artisans have quite number of color selection which you can acquire through local DVD centre shops. It is highly recommended that material should be immersed in soda ash before dyeing.

Antique Tools, Musical Instruments, Collectibles

Antique Musical Tools 2

If you are looking for rhythm basis collection of musical instruments then you had to look out for West Bengal in India. Here you can collect music tool called gopichand where it consists of single string attached to two strips of bamboo. The bamboo material is crushed to get desired tones and note of the music.

The other rare collection of musical tool is found in southern part of India called Veena. This tool is of resonance kind of chambers present at both ends. The appearance is like of lute and sounds similar to mellow star.

Learning tie dye , Art of Dyeing, Dyes used

Art of Dyeing 1

Antique Musical Items, Antique Musical Tools, Antique Musical Instruments

Antique Musical Tools 1

Due to inheritance of western culture and their unique music the whole community adored and appreciated. Many of the musical tools were emerged and got familiar attraction throughout the globe. In every month you will see new instruments and enjoy the nodes of the instrument. Due to transition there are instruments which disappeared soon after every revolution of music.

Among many antique musical tools there was instrument called the sape or sapeh. This instrument cohabits with guitar nature. Only the string arrangement is modified and consists of three to four strings in latest version. The shape also resembles like lute. These types of rare musical tools discovered in the country of Borneo.

Balinese mythology, The Balinese Creation Myth, The inception of Bali island

The inception of Bali island 1

The unique island of Bali is unique when compared with the other islands of Indonesia. Its origin is said to be god created. This uniqueness dates back to Creation of islands by the gods

As you find in the Purana Sada it has been said when the earth the islands and the continents were created on earth God (Ida Sang Widhi/Bathara Pasupathi) asked all the Other gods who were dwell in all the nine directions, to the six gods namely Sad winayaka, group of four gods namely Catur Dewa, to god Rsis, to god dragon, gods from Trinayaka group and to the gods of the Universe to come together on top of mount Mahameru. He asked them to create a new island called Bali

learn crochet stitches, patterns, blankets

The art of learning to make effective crochet 1

list temples bali

Temples in Bali 1

african drums sale, djembe sale, kalimba sale


Talking drums are very common among the tribal people of Africa. Both sides of the drum are covered and beaten with sticks to produce sound. The beats give enthusiasm to all the people and they start dancing. The string connecting the two sides is tightened to produce different sounds. The sounds are so different that the tribal people used it to talk with each other.
Thumb pianos are used to play different notes. It is made of wood and metal. Mibra is one of the thumb pianos which is most commonly used. The piano is supported with one hand and the thumb and index finger of the other hand are used to press the keys. There are other varieties of thumb piano.
Tribal people may look uneducated but they have introduced so many good musical instruments to the world. They have been very well talented in music and dance.

african percussion instruments, african drums


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