Word War with Willow 1

Well, the good news is, Willow Palin is just being a normal teenager despite having a superstar mom. Yeah, yeah surely mother Sarah Palin should teach her children how to behave but I guess the girls were provoked. And please let us not make this a venue to question Sarah Palin’s parenting skills.

And if you haven’t been on earth lately, I am talking about Willow Palin, daughter of politician, White House hopeful Sarah Palin slashing someone on Facebook on a total juvenile message board war.

It all started when a certain Tre did not like Sarah Palin’s new show on TV ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Tre who is a boy from the same school as the Palin’s kids put on his Facebook update “Sarah Palin’s Alaska, is falling so hard right now.” And that started it. Willow Palin retort back with hurtful words to defend her mother. And her sister and Dancing with the Stars finalist Bristol Palin didn’t mind joining them. Words came out like gunshots. Words like faggot and shit…The type of language teenagers use these days but affluent families were not suppose to be caught using. Especially if the family is aiming to change their address from Alaska to White House, Washington, DC.

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