Facts about Bornea Island part 2

In Southern regions of Kalimantan, you can find many thick forest areas and mountains.The soils of this place are so rich and fertile. The tropical forest with green vegetation helps Indonesia in great way. It supplies good number of wood products to Indonesia and hence wood handicraft is greatly marketed in Indonesia.

The Central parts of Kalimantan comprise of several green vegetations and forest areas. The temperature almost touches 30 degree Celsius and humidity of 70 to 90 percent. It occupies major region of Bornea Island.

The Western part of Kalimantan greatly signifies the presence of Equator line touching exactly at the place called Pontianak. This region also includes several lakes and rivers.

In Bornea island you could get all types of sight seeing places. There are several national parks and national reserves present in this island. You could get chance of seeing the rare Black orchid in place called Kersik Luway where you can see the Mahakam River running along this region. There are still mystery lies how come this island improved a lot from primitive state to modern state. It is now clear that there is no head hunters in this island where used to be once upon a time.

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