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There were recent rumors that Beyonce is pregnant with Jay-Z’s baby. The rumors started from a media gathering that spread instantly to the internet. Now just recently, news that the rumor was not true has already escalated. Still there are a lot of articles and blogs all over the internet. Articles like Beyonce Pregnant 2010.
Beyonce and her husband are already together as couple for 2 years. Many people wondered when Beyonce would be pregnant. I believe it is just a matter of time and a matter of decision to the couple’s end. I believe the Beyonce and her husband are not ready yet as the two personalities are very busy with their careers. Beyonce has catapulted her career with her recent albums setting the standard for the R&B music industry with songs and music with its own identity.

Beyonce is an American R&B singer, songwriter, record producer, actress and model. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Forbes listed Knowles fourth on its list of the 100 Most Powerful and Influential Celebrities in the world, third on its list of the top-grossing musicians, and number one on the list of top Best-Paid Celebs Under 30 with over $87 million dollars in earnings between 2008 and 2009.[7][8]

If Beyonce is pregnant, certainly it will be good news to her fans because they would like this talent t to be passed on to the next generation. I am one fan of Beyonce and I am straight as an arrow. It is just that the music she creates and the song she writes are very practical and unique. Beyonce creates a trend of her own. Now she has created a legacy of her music. Hopefully everything goes well with her career and if she is really pregnant, then a healthy pregnancy.

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