Beauty of Handcrafted-Wooden Masks

Nothing says a good return trip than a good souvenir gift. A souvenir gift is not just a way to brag about your new adventure to your relatives and friends but also to share with them your experience.

There are many souvenirs that you can buy along the way, but finding a very unique one that tells of your experiences on the trip can be tricky. Culture and tradition have many symbols, and tribes use a number of items to express their beliefs and celebrate ceremonies.

Fortunately, there is always one thing that symbolizes a country’s colorful culture and tradition. Most often than not, history is relived as a tradition. Watching a play can provide you with a good answer.

Handcrafted-Wooden Masks

Wooden masks are used in ceremonies, dances, play, and rituals. Their designs and form vary from where they were made and their purpose. These masks are not hard to find. You can find them at any local souvenir store or even in the streets where peddlers sell them.

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Famous wooden masks that are still used today are from Indonesia, mostly in Java and Bali. They can be made out of dried and craved wood or paper mache.

What are Handcrafted-Wooden Masks?

These wooden masks were used in rituals to celebrate harvest and honor deities for a bountiful year. Later on, the influence of religious beliefs such as Hindu and Islam has added a new color to these masks that made ceremonial dramas more appealing.

Even with the rise of technology and modernization, masks are still used in ceremonies today. Masks crafted into faces of animals and ogres are used in Moslem Java and Dieng plateau to symbolize animal spirits in rituals to put the dancer under its powers. Masks are also used in plays such as court dramas to present the exploits of royal individuals in Javanese history.

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Other countries around the world have their own versions of masks that tells of their own traditions. They come in different forms and sizes to present, relive and symbolize a character, either in a ceremony, ritual or play.

If you want something unique to give as a gift or add to your collection, handcrafted -wooden masks would be a good idea. You can either hang them up on the walls or mount them on a pedestal to accentuate its beauty. Looking at these handcrafted-wooden masks will certainly bring back memories of the place you once visited.

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