Bali is not just a destination spot but it also houses some of the most famous artisans in the world when it comes to producing world class fashion jewelry. The art of crafting these beads have been passed down from generation to generation along with its secrets that separate it from the rest of the fashion accessories available today in the market.

What are beads anyway?

Beads are one of the most famous jewelry accessories today. They come in different shapes, sizes and designs. They are different based on what, how and where they are made. Western and Asian countries have their own way of making beads to make them unique. Beads are made of different components and are inspired by different themes. Some are made of crystals while others have tribal designs.

Trends and fads are common in the fashion industry. The jewelry you are looking at may not be too popular tomorrow. Fortunately, beads transcend fads since they are practical. Designs continually evolve to serve not just the customers but also emerging trends in the fashion industry.

What makes beads from Bali different from the others?

Bali artisans make beads with their hands; because of this Bali beads are famous for their intricate designs. First the craftsmen combine silver and small amounts of copper from local mines. Then they are cut, shaped and soldered to form beautifully handcrafted beads before being filed and finished. There are many imitations sold out there in the market but they cannot match the original made from Bali.

Why beads?

They are a versatile jewelry accessory that can be paired with either a formal or casual dress. Beads are also worn regardless of the season and complement different styles of clothing, even beachwear. They have also become popular among celebrities due to their versatility when it comes to fashion. They can simply be worn in any occasion and with any type of clothing.

Original beads from Bali can be expensive but they are worth it. If you are looking for other alternatives to buy this piece of fashion accessory, you can look for a fashion accessory supplier that sells wholesale jewelry. They can provide you great bargains with original quality beads.

Where and How

There are fashion jewelry suppliers that you can find in the internet for wholesale jewelry. These online stores are much more convenient to access and they can deliver your purchase to your house. With the internet, you can access any store anytime, anywhere.

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