Bangles as an Accessory

Bangles are somewhat similar with bracelets. They are usually circular or square like in shape. They are worn around the wrist and are considered to be a beautiful accessory. They are mostly worn by both men and women.

Bangles are sold in sets depending on the thickness of the bangles. For think bangles, they are usually sold in greater amounts. Bangles are made from different kinds of material. They can be made up of plastic, wood, metal, and even porcelain. They are also adorned with precious stones such as pearls. Bangles have a wide range of different graphical designs, some are simple and others are intricately detailed.

Bangles can also be used as gift items. These fashion accessories are very appealing to teenage girls, women of high-class society and also elderly women like our very own grandmothers.

Bangles in Cultures

Bangles are very commonly worn in India and have served in religious ceremonies like weddings and festivals. But in India, both men and women wear bangles with men usually wearing their bangles on the arms.

Bangles in India are usually made from wooden material. They are adorned with native beads or designed with dramatic symbols that represent their tribe.

In other cultures, bangles are even made from glass. These glass bangles are more delicate and more expensive. But in our modern times, the glass bangles are more costly than plastic ones, but they are more appealing.

These glass bangles are accessories that can also considered be an aphrodisiac because of its appeal and its clinging sound. But in Islamic culture, women aren’t supposed make clinging sounds with their bangles. It is highly inappropriate and improper for young ladies and is simply an indication of improper behavior.

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Bangles as a Fashion Accessory

Bangles are now popular fashion accessories. If you want a variation in your style, then try using bangles. Bangles of any material, be it precious metals, glass, plastics, or even wood, are worn by women of almost any type of social status. Bangles especially made from metal are elegant and classy.

Bangles are fairly priced depending on the materials used. But they mostly do not cost as much as diamond necklaces and silver bracelets. They are cheap, yet they are equally appealing to the public.

Because bangles come in sets, bangles usually create a clinking sound. This clinking sound also helps in determining if the bangles are knock offs or authentic. If the clinking sound of the bangles are loud, then they are knock offs.

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