Bali’s terrible volcanoes

The crash of the plates tends to produce constant earthquakes and heat. The largest earthquakes probably result in volcanoes. The formation of magma happens under high pressure. When this magma is pushed towards the surface of the earth, the volcanoes emerges through the feeble part of the earth.

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An arc of volcano, otherwise named as Ring of Fire surrounds Bali, java and Indonesia. The eruption of volcano is always unpredictable. The mountain, Mount Bature is still alive that you can see smoke and rumble. The mount erupted thrice in this 20th century. Mount Agung, is the highest mountain situated in Bali. It erupted in 1963, killing beyond 2,000 people. Although volcano is considered to be the root cause of God’s anger, they tend to move to their original place and continue farming. The typical volcanic ash helps in enriching the soil.

When some huge volcanoes explode, they tend to create a big vacant holes, and at times lakes. One such lake is Lake Batur, is the biggest one in Bali. This lake consists of the main factor for the water channels that is underground. It also brings about springs on the Mount Batur slopes.

The tsunami occurred in the Indian Ocean in the year of 2004, December 26th, with the magnitude of measuring Richter Scale as 8.9, caused severe damages in Indonesia and other parts of the world. Despite all these dreadful facts, Bali accepts these volcanoes as their avenue for their civilization. Due to the continuous eruptions, these volcanoes spread the fertile ash and it also causes rainfall.

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