Bali Jewelries’ Uniqueness and Beauty

Bali has been a favorite tourist spot for many people worldwide. They offer a lot of wonderful places to visit, beaches to go to and products that are both world-class and very unique. One of these very famous Bali products are the Bali jewelry.

What are Bali Jewelries?

Bali jewelry is usually made with silver, although gold was also used before. But since silver is more marketable in today’s times, the Bali jewelry have also followed that path. These jewelries are made from small sliver orbs, and they have a background of darker silver. This, in turn, makes the design more attractive to the eye. This is a process that they call granulation.

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Other than the main design they put on the jewelry, other accessories can also be added. The craftsmen put beads, metals of different sorts and other kinds of gemstones to complement the Bali jewelry itself. Nowadays, even woven-like silver is used to highlight the design. Gold is also used and is also marketable.

What Makes Bali Jewelries Popular?

Bali, Indonesia is a very rich country and has a culture full of rich stories to tell. n ancient Bali history, the skill to make Bali jewelry was said to have been handed down to them by their gods. But in modern history, Bali jewelry craft was handed down to the Balinese from their Southern Chinese and Southeast Asian artisan ancestors. The craftsmen also use the designs that have been handed down to them from generation to generation. The families of craftsmen even state that the skills passed down to them has dated back to the 16th century. These craftsmen that we know are called pandai, and pandai is a word used for both wisdom and a silversmith.

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Due to the increasing demand of Bali jewelry in the market today, a number of websites are offering to sell such items. Be careful when buying Bali jewelry though. Be sure that it is authentic and is made of the very highest quality of silver. You may check out the internet for information or ask the experts for added advice.

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Because of its worth, a lot of people have been wanting to own a Bali jewelry, be it an earring, a necklace or a bracelet. And who wouldn’t? The Bali jewelry is very unique especially in its design and craftsmanship that anyone wearing it will surely stand out in the crowd.

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