Bali considered being socio cultural city with all types of religion practiced here. You could see the mixed culture and heritage of different races in the world. The Indonesia basically regarded as Muslim country with Muslims as majority people. Little number of Hindus from India lives their life. The Indians are considered to be minority people. Major places where people flock are considered to be Kuta, Nuva and Sunur. You will have all basic recreation and entertainment activities like night clubs, bar, restaurants and departmental stores. The city of Bali is also famous for its lively music, artistic painting skills, dance lovers, art work and charismatic work in leather goods.

The foreign tourists visit the city of Bali and spend their valuable time in different ways. Major tourist people love to indulge in river rafting. Some of the people wished to travel religious and sacred places to offer their deity conscious.

The people of Bali give much more reverence to the foreign tourists. Because of their benign attitude many of the foreign tourists visit Bali quite number of time. The local people also adore and welcome the foreign tourists in special way.

The tourist all around the world feels comfortable staying hotels of Bali. The hotels of Bali give highest regard and rich ambience to the foreign tourist. The hotels also assuage the foreign with regard to economic expenditure also. The tourists get maximum enjoyment with less expenditure.

The most familiar region of Bali is Kuta, Lovina beach, Nusa Duaubud, Jimbara etc.
There are hotels situated nearby these places. The hotels vary from high-fi resorts to economic free hotel types suiting all types of people.

Most of the tourists like to spend their time with sunset and sunrise environment where beach sea resorts help them to achieve their desire.

Internationally fame hotels are situated in the city of Bali. Some of the names of hotel include Acrowisata, Hyatt, Le meridian, Intercontinental, Oberoi, Sofitel, Novotel, Mercure, Nikko and Westin.

The tourist can get maximum luxury and comfort from these reputed hotels which give rich services to the people. These hotels also involve in promoting the tourist development for their country. So every hotel has own services which help foreign tourist to visit many sacred places of Bali.

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