Australia is a country situated in the Eastern side of Asia; It is a country of huge pasture land. It is very thinly populated with people living in fertile land apart from each other. It is a wide spread country It is famous for the flora and fawn and the gorgeous Australian animals like the kangaroo and Koalas. Like America people have migrated from all parts of the world to settle in this peaceful place. Since the settlers have established their culture there, it is a mixture of different cultures of the world.
The main language spoken by the people is English. Although some Greek, Italian Chinese speaking people are there they all speak one single language English in a very good accent which is nice to hear. They all have a good vocabulary in English. It has well educated people who travel to different parts of the world for trading.
The country is famous for its dramas, cinemas, music, dance and other types of arts. The people are well talented and since it is a mixture of different culture they all blend together and produce a very excellent performance in the stage. The film industry is so famous that many European film makers go there and invest a lot of money.
Sometimes to buy houses to take films.

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