Australia has a very high architectural value with buildings similar to that of European countries. In big cities like Sydney and Canberra there are a lot of tall buildings. The traditional daub huts and wattles are still seen in certain places. In some places they have the Georgian style and Victorian Architecture buildings. It is a mixture of both modern and traditional buildings with traditional buildings situated in the suburbs and modern buildings in big cities.
The most common food there is vegemite which is a spread that can be had with any meal either breakfast or lunch. The other food commonly had are like the other European countries like beef, pork, fish. The cooking is mostly like the European style
Aboriginals were the ancient tribes who lived in Australia. They were very fond of playing the instrument called Didgeridoo. It produces a peculiar sound which attracts many people. In the modern world both aboriginals and the other settlers are trying the different other types of instruments and enjoy playing them and coming up in good colors. Australia is a wide spread country with lot of pastures. So the original Australians were mainly farmers, they reared sheep and goats.
Since the country is wide spread there are some remote places which are not easily accessible and hence don’t have even medical facilities. Flying doctors fly from one place to another to treat the patients.

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