The controversial immigration bill known as SB 1070 was approved on Tuesday by Arizona lawmakers. It was what foes and supporters agreed as the toughest measure in the country against illegal immigrants and despite criticisms, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the bill. The bill would require that police officers ask for proof of citizenship should they suspect a person of being undocumented.
Over 2,000 demonstrators came to the auditorium where the signing took place to let Brewer know that what she was doing was unjust and that would lead to widespread racial profiling. The law would make the failure to carry immigration documents as a crime and would give the police broad power to detain anyone suspected of being in the country illegally. Opponents fear the real impact of SB 1070 which is to create fear and distrust and would be an open invitation for both harassment and discrimination against Hispanics and other minorities in the country regardless of their citizenship status. With a stroke of her pen, Arizona Governor may transform her state into a national social exile and would put her party even deeper into a demographic hole.
Even before the Arizona Governor signed the bill, US President Obama himself, strongly criticized it by stating that the Arizona bill threatened to undermine the basic notions of fairness that the Americans cherish, as well as the trust between police and the communities that keeps them safe. Despite criticism from religious civil rights leaders and US President himself, Gov. Jan Brewer defended the bill by saying that Arizona have been patient in waiting for Washington to act but decades of inaction and “misguided” policy have created a dangerous and unacceptable situation. They anticipated that if Brewer signed the bill, the state will suffer from a national and international backlash as the US Census will probably put the US Latino and other ethnic minorities at more than 50 million. We’ll just have to wait for what could happen with this signing of SB 1070 by Arizona.

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