Antique Musical Tools 2

If you are looking for rhythm basis collection of musical instruments then you had to look out for West Bengal in India. Here you can collect music tool called gopichand where it consists of single string attached to two strips of bamboo. The bamboo material is crushed to get desired tones and note of the music.

The other rare collection of musical tool is found in southern part of India called Veena. This tool is of resonance kind of chambers present at both ends. The appearance is like of lute and sounds similar to mellow star.

In your collection of musical instruments presence of rain stick tool should be present. This music tool crafted as hollow tube of wood material mainly from bamboo. It has beads or seeds present. You can generate good melody music which soothes your heart.

If you are in search of musical tools which produce melody then thumb piano or kalimba is the right choice for your collection. You can see set of strings made up of metals connected to the sounding board.

You can hear soulful music from the collection of didgeridoo musical tool which is originated from the country of Australia. This tool is like a tube where you get enormous soul touching music’s.
You can still add drums in your favorite collection of musical instruments with various forms of shapes and sizes of drums.

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