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Due to inheritance of western culture and their unique music the whole community adored and appreciated. Many of the musical tools were emerged and got familiar attraction throughout the globe. In every month you will see new instruments and enjoy the nodes of the instrument. Due to transition there are instruments which disappeared soon after every revolution of music.

Among many antique musical tools there was instrument called the sape or sapeh. This instrument cohabits with guitar nature. Only the string arrangement is modified and consists of three to four strings in latest version. The shape also resembles like lute. These types of rare musical tools discovered in the country of Borneo.

Another kind of musical tools found largely in the country of Borneo. This time you can admire and enjoy music concert from the musical tools of Gongs. These gongs are originated from the Chinese traders. If you are collecting the rare musical instruments then naturally gongs should be present. Many of the tribes in the parts of Sarawak Cultural village have large collections og gongs musical instruments. The mixture of brass gongs and drums are familiar site in the parts of Sarawak cultural village.

Generally if you are interested in collecting the musical instruments then you had to know the basic of instruments. The musical tools are three types namely string, wind, and percussion. Moreover musical tools are classified in to kind of material and rhythm basis. The music tools are further split in to melody basis too.

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