Ted Koppel’s Son Andrew Dead After a Drinking Spree -2

Imagine Ted Koppel’s grief, or any father for that matter: your 40 year old son dead from drinking, in a stranger’s house of all places. If we don’t know Ted Koppel we would say that this guy is one sorry loser. But then, we know Ted Koppel so we think otherwise. We see it as a bad coincidence, as if good luck lady has turned her back from Andrew Koppel to die like that.

Now, I see here another situation that is very disheartening. And that is the situation concerning Caban and Wimberly. They were two strangers with a dead man. It was just like a scene from a thriller movie where either or both of them are bound to be suspects to the crime. Although initial reports have it that there was no foul play in Andrew Koppel’s death, I sympathize with Caban and Wimberly’s sure anxiety over this. How people will look at them and say “we do not believe your story.” But, then again, they could really be just two innocent victims to this untoward event.

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