Al Gore-Laurie David: Baseless 2

Al Gore and Tipper have been very quiet as to the reason behind their split. This could very well be the cause for some wide and wild rationalizations about why their 40 year marriage cannot take the heat anymore. Let’s see, there are rumours that Al Gore is gay, that Tipper Gore is a crazy jealous wife, and now an Al Gore-Laurie David affair.

On the other hand, Laurie David claims that she has been in a serious relationship for a while now, after her divorce from Larry David. I mean, it is so sad that Laurie David was being dragged into the Tipper-Al split. This writer believes that the Laurie-David affair is totally baseless and is just another crap of speculations why Tipper and Al separated. I guess, no matter how much we love to see Al and Tipper together, the reason why they decided to split is entirely a decision that they had to make. I guess one can only speculate why their marriage has to fail.

With this type of reports, we just have to hope that the climate change champions can bear the heat.

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