Africa is a country in which many tribal people live. The tribal people have certain traditions to celebrate any function, like wedding, birthday etc. They celebrate with dance and music. They used to make different instruments which they make with the things available .Some of them are still used with some modifications. If we make a list of them it will go on and on. A few which are still in us are listed below.
Cabasa is a most common one. It is made from gourd, covered with seeds and shells. It is played with legs and hands. Since it is long it produces different sounds at different parts of the instrument Since it is being hit by both legs and hand simultaneously it produces sound like a drum, It was most commonly used by the tribal people called the Yoruba . They introduce d many instruments.
Agogo is another instrument introduced by the same tribal people Yoruba. It has two bells, one small and another large. The smaller bell is used to produce high notes and larger bell to produce low tones. It is one of the oldest instruments which is even now used in wedding ceremonies. Since Africans have migrated as slaves to other countries the instruments have become famous in all the other countries where they migrated.
Diembe is another common instrument used by the Africans. The instrument is made of wood and is covered by a thin sheet toughened goat skin. When beat in different rhythm it produces different sounds. The tribal people are fond of drums as they love dancing to the tune
Juju is another instrument used in Yoruba tribes religious and family celebrations. It is made of palm nut shells and wood. People dance to the rhythm and hence love this instrument.

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