Aboriginals are the original natives of Australia who lived there many years ago. They have certain traditions, which they even keep up till now. Boomerang is a weapon used by them to get their prey. They used to throw them at the target; it reaches the target kills it and then returns back to the person who threw it. These aboriginals were the ones who invented such a peculiar weapon. Another of their invention is the Didgeridoo, which is a musical instrument still famous in Australia.

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Rock carvings of painters and sculptors in the rock of Australia are 30000 years old. They are clear and very well carved. Rock paintings are very famous. They place an object on the rock and spray paint over it so that the rock is covered with the painting except where the object is placed and hence an impression of the object is formed on the rock. The aboriginals are famous in bark painting But since bark deteriorates in ages only a very few of their paintings are still preserved. They paint in perishable articles like bark, log of wood Etc. They depicted stories in their paintings. Their paintings contained what they saw at that time. Like the kangaroo, koalos, skeleton of human beings, animals etc; they generally used natural colors like red green brown. They also used white and black from burning charcoal
The other type of painting they did was dot painting. Small dots are used to do this type of painting. Even today in all are colleges they use this dot painting. In those days they used sticks to form dots. These dotpainting is very famous. Some of them did very big paintings with these dots. Even scenery can be made with this
The aboriginals used signs and symbols to communicate. They used symbols mainly lines to write about their adventure after coming back traveling for many days. They love traveling, mostly to hunt for food and after coming back spend their time in paining and writing stories in rocks about their adventure. They have been nature lovers.
Music also has been their main recreation. They have used Didgeridoo to play music. During festivals they play the instrument and dance around fire. Like any other tribal people
Now everyone has been educated and the culture has changed but still during festival they keep up their culture in order to maintain the tradition. Many European settlers have learnt this art from them and they spread it all over the world. They have been the founders of many such traditional arts. Many aboriginals have migrated to other countries and have spread their art in those countries. It is good to keep up the tradition.

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