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UFC 116: Night of the Goliaths 1

First of all, I had all my cards at Shane Carwin at UFC 116. I thought that this was a win for him knowing his UFC landslide victory for his 12 bouts, all knockouts in no more than four minutes. Plus, the tape tales tell us that the Goliath Carwin is an equal match to the Goliath Lesnar.

Second of all, Brock Lesnar was in no good condition to win UFC 116, or so I thought. Down with the kissing disease for months, Brock Lesnar pulled out from UFC in October 2009 saying he was too sick to train and it will take some time to recover. Well, I suppose it will take more than just four minutes or a kissing virus to bring down UFC’s #1 Heavyweight in the world.

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Home Run Derby: The Redemption of Papi 1

Home Run Derby, is one of my favourite events at the MLB All Star Game. Since I am virtually impaired when it comes to baseball and homerun is just all I know about the sport, Home Run Derby is an entertaining event for me.

Eight players are chosen for the playoffs and this year’s happening, Chris Young, Vermon Wells, Nick Swisher and Matt Holiday were eliminated after the first round. Miguel Cabrera and Corey Hart were eliminated after the second round with 12 and 13 homerun hits. Emerging as finalists were Hanley Ramirez and David Ortiz. David Ortiz emerges as champion hitting 11 homeruns at the final round. Hanley Ramirez hitting only 5 came running at second place. For the non-practicing sports fan, I will understand if you think the numbers don’t fly. It’s just that the scores are reset after every round.

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National League Arise After 14 Years 2

But Atlanta Braves’ Brian McCann hit that ended the National League All Star win drought bagged the Ted Williams All-Star MVP awards presented by Chevrolet. Brian McCann delivered the team from behind to topple the American League and breaking the latter’s lucky streak win at the MLB All Star Game. Brian McCann’s hit was meaningful to him, to the Braves and to the National League’s All Star Game form.

Consider that as a happy ending for the National League. The Braves will have to thank him if they go to the World Series for doing what he did at the All Star Game.

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National League Arise After 14 Years 1

MLB All Star Game 2010 proved to be the comeback year for the National League as they won 3-1 on Tuesday’s Midsummer Classic. As if to say that enough is enough, the National League walked away triumphant in front of more than 45,000 fans at the Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California locking a home field advantage in the 2010 World Series in the process.

But before the official start of the All Star Game, a few minutes of silence was observed in memory of Yankees’ owner George Steinbrenner who passed on earlier this week after turning 80.

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Emmy Nominations 2010: Not Without Surprises 2

Followers of ‘True Blood’ should be excited to know that it has just been nominated for Best Dramatic Series at the Emmy’s. Another record for the Emmy’s nomination 2010 list is The Pacific’ garnering a total of 24 nominations.

The best surprise of them all is Conan O’Brien’s Tonight show received an Emmy nomination for Best Music, Variety or Comedy Program. Rival Jay Leno on the other hand, was not mentioned.

Other big time Emmy nominations include ’30 Rock’ plus Emmy nomination for Alec Baldwin for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series.

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Oscar Grant trial 2

Many people were appalled by the Mehserle verdict and I would understand why. This is a sensationalized story of police brutality, reckless behaviour and disregard for human life in simple man’s terms. The Mehserle verdict may even raise more questions on police accountability in the future.

We should also be concerned about the actions of some elements who exploit these kinds of situations. The lootings, fires, vandalism and damages were sincerely inappropriate and uncalled for. Certainly, nobody from any neighbourhood would want a riot. Everyone wants to enjoy peace and businesses should feel safe.

Police says however, that no violence will be left tolerated.

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Emmy Nominations 2010: Not Without Surprises 1

Just like me, many of you must’ve waited long enough for the Emmy nominations to be announced. Did our favourites meet the cut?

The Emmy Nominations 2010 came about a little bit more like expected. However, some twists and turns on the Emmy nominations 2010 list might still take you by surprise.

‘Glee’ rakes up a remarkable 19 Emmy nominations including Outstanding Comedy compared to Mad Men with only 17 nominations. Well, even with more nominations, the most win still matters the most so, the best to both and here’s to the Emmy’s!

Side by side with Matthew Morrison of ‘Glee’ for an Emmy title for Outstanding Lead Actor In a Comedy Series is my favourite –and yes, bet… Tony Shalhoub for ‘Monk.’

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Oscar Grant trial 1

The jury has returned with a verdict: Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and not guilty of second degree murder and voluntary manslaughter for killing Oscar Grant.

It was regarded that no matter what verdict the jury reached, demonstrations were set to occur in Oakland following the Oscar Grant trial. And as expected, chaos surfaced when night fell. During hours of unrest, shops were vandalized; rioters were in a looting rampage forcing themselves to local businesses such as the Foot Locker, the Far East National Bank and a jewelry store. However, police says that people who are engaged in criminal actions such as these rioters were not necessarily supporters of Oscar Grant or protesters against the Mehserle verdict. Most of these were professional trouble makers who take opportunities like these to cause trouble. Witnesses even claimed that the people who were involved in the violent attacks in downtown Oakland were in white robes and were spraying graffiti that read “No to work, yes to looting.”

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Temples in Bali 1

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Talking drums are very common among the tribal people of Africa. Both sides of the drum are covered and beaten with sticks to produce sound. The beats give enthusiasm to all the people and they start dancing. The string connecting the two sides is tightened to produce different sounds. The sounds are so different that the tribal people used it to talk with each other.
Thumb pianos are used to play different notes. It is made of wood and metal. Mibra is one of the thumb pianos which is most commonly used. The piano is supported with one hand and the thumb and index finger of the other hand are used to press the keys. There are other varieties of thumb piano.
Tribal people may look uneducated but they have introduced so many good musical instruments to the world. They have been very well talented in music and dance.

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