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Ted Koppel’s Son Andrew Dead After a Drinking Spree 1

Nothing and I mean nothing, is more tragic than to bury your own child. It isn’t right that a parent should live to tell about the death of his own child. It was not just meant to be.

And Ted Koppel was not an exemption to this. Amid the death of his son Andrew Koppel, Ted Koppel was quoted as saying that “we will mourn for the rest of our lives.” And I believe that the circumstances surrounding the death of Andrew Koppel were as heartbreaking.

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Dario Franchiti is the Man

It’s Dario in the Indianapolis 500 results finals. After an almost perfect 500 mile at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and leading six times for 155 laps. I say that this is such a much deserved win. Not to mention a much deserved $2.75 Million for the win. Dario Franchiti was the best driver in the recently concluded 2010 Indianapolis 500. Our most favourite Scottish driver wasn’t a likely choice in the beginning. In fact he even confessed that winning the Indianapolis 500 the first time was hard to sink in, the second time he was already speechless. But he proved to us all that he does belong to the same league with all the great Indianapolis drivers like Dan Weldon (who finished second).

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Crochet is an art by learning which we can make a wide range of things like table mats, table clothes, cushion covers, flower motifs and artificial flowers, sweaters, shawls, bootees etc. Although so many different things can be made the main stitch involved is a chain, which is done in different way to form patterns. The crochet needle has a hook at one end and provision to hold it in the other end. The art of crochet is to form chains by pulling the thread with the help of the hook through the loop initially formed.
First of to learn the art easily it is better to know how to hold the crochet needle in the hand and how to hold the thread properly so that it flows easily and comfortably at ease so that we can work fast.. Needle should be held in one hand and the thread held in tension with the other hand. Once we learn the basic of forming the chain then we can move further and learn to make designs using the chain. By twisting the thread once or twice or thrice in the hook and then pulling them one by one we can form different designs like SC,DC, DDC, TDC etc; Then we should learn how to increase and decrease at the end of the work since it is helpful in making sweaters caps, etc;

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The physical features of Bali 2

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