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The physical features of Bali 1

Indonesia stands fourth in the population, about 203 million citizens. It is one of the largest Muslim countries in the world, nearly 90% are Muslims. And it comprises of 250 ethnic sects. Indonesia is a chain of islands, where there are more than 13,677 and among them only 3,000 are filled with people. The effect of Dutch colonialism, the latest innovations are possible for them. The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta. Indonesia stands one among the leading oil production.
Bali is situated in the middle of the Republic of Indonesia. Bali is an island and the smallest province of Indonesia. The area of Bali is above 5,000sq km, otherwise, .29% of Indonesian area. It is situated 8 to 9 degrees south to the equator and lies in between 114.6 and 115.5 in the east longitude. Within this space it has nearly 1,500 small villages. The popular Wallace line separates Bali to Lombok, in the east and Java Island in the west.

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Facts of Indonesia

Indonesia ranks up as 16th biggest country with regard to total land area. Due to presence of active volcanoes, there are several occurrence of earthquake which often causes damage to their country. It stands third biggest island of the world. Sumatra Island considered being sixth biggest island in the whole universe. It also shares the 5th rank in world’s highest island. Indonesia tops in production of nutmeg to the world consumers. More number of foreign tourist flock to this country. The tourism in Indonesia favors income to the government. Due to its tropical climate and diversification of culture many tourists visit this country. Punkcak jaya is the highest point in Indonesia situated in the highlands of Papua.

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Diane Downs – A Story to Die For


We all remember Diane Downs as a child murderer. We don’t need to recall how she shot her three children. She left one dead and two severely injured from the gunshots. Her motives: to be with the man she was obsessed with. Her life and story was more put to fame by “Small Sacrifices” a book written by Ann Rule. Not long after the book hit the shelves, “Small Sacrifices” was made into a TV movie earning the Diane Downs’ story an even more popularity.

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Traditional jewelry are sturdy and don’t break easily. The modern jewels are machine made and if not handled properly they break… so they have to be used sparingly and kept safely in the boxes soon after reaching home.
Having invested a lot of money in the jewelry they have to be maintained as well. Dull jewelry can be washed with detergents dissolved in warm water. It is then cleaned with a clean cloth to give the shine. While washing stones have to taken care of some of them fade if washed frequently in soap water or soaked for a long time in it.
If we really want to buy exclusive jewelry we can buy when we go to different places. Buy one each time we visit other countries and places. Each country has its own traditional and fancy jewels. To choose from we can buy precious stones from different places and had it made in our local place by our own goldsmith.
Gold can’t be molded if it is pure. It is mixed with either copper or silver before making jewelry. The color changes according to how much copper or silver has been mixed.
Shop around and buy the best to suit your budget.

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Maurice Strong

Maurice Strong has been the forerunner in the global warming campaign, probably the next most popular personality around the world after Al Gore. However, Maurice Strong conspiracy and prominent political status to date and the recent unveiling of the Senate Climate Change Bill put him on top of the popularity rating game. Not to mention the bombarding exposure attacks he obtained from people who want to make a conspiracy angle from the bill issue.

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The Murder of Yeardley Love

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60 Minutes with Conan O’Brien

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Beauty of Celtic Jewelry 2

Though it is considered all collections from Celtic jewelry are precious. There are excellent collections like Tree of Life; the Trinity Knot, dragons (especially Welsh dragons) and the Claddagh design are familiar and well incorporated into Celtic jewelry. Celtic jewelry also consists of tie tacs and tie pins, lockets, cuff links, earrings and also stylish watches. Clasps, pins and brooches, buckles, rings, bracelets, necklaces, hairpins, and, more importantly, torcs, are classic, traditional pieces of Celtic jewelry. The Celtic jewelry is well designed in diamonds with many designs and comes out with several excellent collections. Generally it is known that many highly qualified crafts people make unique artistic works. Basically they come from artisan. The works of Celtic jewelry are appreciated from every corner of the globe.

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