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Maramures Music 2

The music is laid for different reasons. Mainly the music is recited for entertainment but in chorus songs both the content and music should reach the audience in emphatic manner. The chorus songs mainly attribute to the religious fervor. In order to campaign for religious purpose chorus songs will help doing the cause. Several songs like lullabies and carols help in promoting the Maramure music.

The Maramure music is often regarded as best music among the Romanian people. This music even cures certain diseases. It also soothes one’s heart with sacred feeling and message that is passed through the Maramure music.

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Enchanting Jakarta 2

Transportation in Jakarta
Numerous taxi companies run for the visitors the best being Bluebrid followed by Cendrawasih, Morante, and pusaka Niri taxis for they rum on meters. Car is not recommended mode of transport due to horrendous traffic jams and difficulty in navigating through one way streets and crazy freeways
The train system is recommended during lean hours for general use, peak hours using train travel can be avoided due to reported crime and sexual harassment
The Transjakarta Busway system is comfortable for public transport but again, avoid the rush hours. The user-friendly system has station announcements and an LED display inside the vehicles. The buses play between 5am to 10pm daily and public can transfer free between lines
Bajaj scooters fitted with a small cabin behind them move about like a tricycle and are easily negotiated through the traffic jams of Jakarta and the charges are around Rp6, 000. Ojeks are bikes driven by guys who can take you around for short distances for an agreed fare.
Water way taxis managed by Transjakarta bus way system is the latest addition in transportation. They are linked with the trains or bus transport system and an ideal way of transportation. Walking around center of Jakarta can be safe though crimes do happen in the poorer section of the city.

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Enchanting Jakarta 1

On the North western cost of Java island situated on the mouth of Ciliwung river on the Jakarta bay stands the sprawling metropolis of Jakarta,also known as Daerah Istemewa Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia the eleventh largest city in the world. With a population of 23 million this port was known as Sunda Kelpa a peper trading centre. After the Dutch occupation it came to be known as Bativa. The entire metropolis comprising of Jakarta city, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi is known as Jabodetabek . Jakarta is divided by the Ciliwung river into east and west section. On the bay of Jakarta is located Pulau Seribu a group of thousand islands providing a tourist destination with white sandy beaches and excellent place for water sports? The jakartans language is indigenous and unique and is known as Betawi.
Appealing Jakarta
Jakarta has numerous historical sites dating back from the Dutch occupation, The old warehouse among them is worth visiting. Within walking distance are located the finest museum and galleries and has a minimum entry fee. Most book shops around Jakarta sell museum guides which are very handy.

Travel to Maramures Traditional Music in Maramures

Maramures Music part 1

In today’s modern world of music include all kinds of innovative kinds. These are some traditional music yet felt with great attire. Among one of the sacred music which is considered all around the globe is maramure music. Maramure traditional music is basically originated from the northern parts of the Romans. The people of Maramure recite the music with round dance called hora. This maramure music signifies all variety ranging from love, mourning, lullabies, ballads, carols, patriotic army songs and song for deer ones. All this songs portray the Romania history and culture.

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Attractive Kuta part 2

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Attractive Kuta part 1

Kuta was the first town of Bali to become Indonesia’s major tourist attraction. Though formerly a fishing village it grew to a status of beach resort. It is internationally known to have long sandy beaches with a verity of accommodations. The place has many restaurants and bars and has the Ngurah Rai airport to connect tourist.
The development started in the early 70’s with adventurous travelers frequenting the beaches which had a perfect cost line. Earlier there were not many comforts for tourist. Fish and fruits were the major pert of diet with not much of cooking oil coconut oil was the main media for cooking which gave the food less tasty. Pork fat though not healthy was another medium of cooking.
The most successful among the few enterprising people were Made’s Warnng (Jl.Pintai Kuta) and Poppies Restaurant (off of Poppies I), they are still in the restaurant business serving the growing tourist market. TJ’s (Poppies I) owner Jean who started with a vegetarian restaurant and moved on to Mexican food in 1984 is still among the long time favorite.

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Facts about Bornea Island part 2

In Southern regions of Kalimantan, you can find many thick forest areas and mountains.The soils of this place are so rich and fertile. The tropical forest with green vegetation helps Indonesia in great way. It supplies good number of wood products to Indonesia and hence wood handicraft is greatly marketed in Indonesia.

The Central parts of Kalimantan comprise of several green vegetations and forest areas. The temperature almost touches 30 degree Celsius and humidity of 70 to 90 percent. It occupies major region of Bornea Island.

The Western part of Kalimantan greatly signifies the presence of Equator line touching exactly at the place called Pontianak. This region also includes several lakes and rivers.

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Facts about Bornea Island part 1

There are more interesting facts to know about the Bornea Island. It has rich green vegetation with vast area amidst of forest area. The two third region of Bornea Island falls on the Indonesia territory of Kalimantan. The green vegetation of Bornea Island consists of many valuable exotic plants and wild animals. The primitive people are called as Dayak, Iban, Punan and Banuaq tribes. These people have unique way hunting the heads of human people where they practice as ritual for good luck in their lives. This act shows arrogant behavior. As years passed these primitive tribes transformed to modern people where they had a opportunity to follow several religions like Muslim, Hinduism and Christianity. The Bornea Island also serves natural resources for many countries in the world.

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Know about Hibiscus part 2

Kinds of Hibiscus flower

There are several kinds of hibiscus flowers. According to pattern and shape of the hibiscus flower they are further classified in to many kinds. They are namely Flame Ball, Gator Pride, Lavender Lady, Erin Rachael, Hawaiian Sunset and Electric Blue.

In Hawaiian island the hibiscus flower found with rich quality and familiar too. The locals of Hawaiian refer this flower as Pua Aloalo and also considered as national flower for Hawaii islands. The Chinese hibiscus is generally marketed as ornamental use. In Malaysia the hibiscus rosa sinensis flower is venerated as their national flower. The species of Hibiscus syriacus is regarded as national flower for the country South Korea.

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Know about Hibiscus part 1

In today’s field of cosmetic, researchers still could not get proper answer of controlling the hair fall. But people from botanical field suggest that Hibiscus flower can control hair fall. Hibiscus otherwise called as Shoe flower and scientifically termed as Hibiscus rosa sinesis. It is otherwise termed as rosemalow and Javakusuma in countries like China and India. Now many firms from Cosmetic world use several catchy advertisements suggesting of using their cosmetic product where in claiming that use of hibiscus will reduce the hair fall. People all around the world without knowing or unknowing started using the hibiscus products. In botanical terms it derived from Malvaceae family and conducive to come up well in tropical warm climate. It is also estimated that about two hundred species of hibiscus is present all over the globe. The hibiscus is seen as perennial herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees.

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