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Bangles as an Accessory

Bangles are somewhat similar with bracelets. They are usually circular or square like in shape. They are worn around the wrist and are considered to be a beautiful accessory. They are mostly worn by both men and women.

Bangles are sold in sets depending on the thickness of the bangles. For think bangles, they are usually sold in greater amounts. Bangles are made from different kinds of material. They can be made up of plastic, wood, metal, and even porcelain. They are also adorned with precious stones such as pearls. Bangles have a wide range of different graphical designs, some are simple and others are intricately detailed.

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Neo-Soul singer Erykah Badu Strips on New Music Video!

Controversy is what we call it. The new music video of the song “Window Seat” features Erykah Badu walking thru a Dallas city sidewalk while slowly taking off an article of her clothing until she finds herself naked in Dealey Plaza, better known as the place where John F. Kennedy was shot to death in 1963. The last part of the video shows Badu totally naked, when a gunshot is heard depicting an assassination and showing the neo soul singer fall face first into the pavement.

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Raquel Welch Still Hot at 69!

Actress and sex icon Raquel Welch appeared on Oprah March 29 and proved to the world that it is possible to maintain a svelte, sexy figure even at the age of 69! The busty brunette, who first climbed to the consciousness of pimpled teens everywhere in her hot bikini scene in the 1966 film One Million B.C. talked about the rigors of maintaining an incredibly sexy body and her alleged non descript relationship with the King himself, Elvis Presley! Click on the link to view excerpts of the Oprah show at

Moscow bombing, Moscow Train bombing, Double Suicide Bombing in Moscow Subway

Moscow would never be the same again. Amidst this mornings rush hour bombings that, in total, killed 39 people and left 65 injured, the first explosion at Lubyanka station in Central Moscow at 8am (0400 GMT) claimed 24 lives. Motives are quite unclear at the moment, but consider the fact that Russia’s FSB (Federal Security Service) as well as the Kremlin is located above the ill-fated Lubyanka station.
This was followed by a second explosion at Park Kultury station (near Gorky Park) that claimed 12 more innocent lives. Women suicide bombers of Chechen origin are believed to be behind these explosions in Moscow. Russian President Dimitri Medvedeb condemned the terrorist attacks and pledged a nationwide security crackdown on public transports.
Sources described the suicide bombers were wearing belts that contained the explosive device and set to detonate once the trains are stopped at the station to increase the body count. The explosion at Park Kultury station happened 40minutes after the first blast in Lubyanka station, both stations being located at Moscow’s underground line, or line one.
Not long after the series of explosions at Moscow, Chechen terrorists reportedly claimed responsibility for the blast though this could not be verified at the moment. It should be remembered that Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov stated on Feb 15 that a new wave of terror attacks will be launched against Russia. Visit link for details about Umarovs statement.
The Moscow subway transports an estimated 7 million people daily, making it one of the busiest subways in the world. The explosions in Lubyanka and Kultury station serve as a reminder that the war between Russia and neighboring Chechnya is far from over. It should be remembered that the last reported terrorist attack in Moscow was in August 2004 when a suicide bomber blew herself up (yes, it was a woman too) outside a train station and reportedly killed 10 people.

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Abstract Carvings and Balinese Masks

In modern society, masks are seen as a way to cover up something, whether it is an ugly face or an ugly personality. We take these masks for granted and see them as a material thing to be used and played with. In some parts of the world and particularly in Bali, however, masks are sacred. They are more than just a material that is carved or designed. They are important and even have a life of their own. Each mask has its own personality, own characteristic and own story to tell.

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wholesale home decor, wholesale gift, wholeale home decoration

What are the Balinese masks?

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Preggy Beyonce Rumor

There were recent rumors that Beyonce is pregnant with Jay-Z’s baby. The rumors started from a media gathering that spread instantly to the internet. Now just recently, news that the rumor was not true has already escalated. Still there are a lot of articles and blogs all over the internet. Articles like Beyonce Pregnant 2010.
Beyonce and her husband are already together as couple for 2 years. Many people wondered when Beyonce would be pregnant. I believe it is just a matter of time and a matter of decision to the couple’s end. I believe the Beyonce and her husband are not ready yet as the two personalities are very busy with their careers. Beyonce has catapulted her career with her recent albums setting the standard for the R&B music industry with songs and music with its own identity.

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Jewelry Dealers

Jewelry is one of the most popular fashion accessories. It greatly symbolizes your financial status in life. It is a luxury item often bought by wealth individuals. It can mean a lot of things. It can be a symbol for a relationship, and it can also be a stand-out item which can accentuate your individual sense of style. Jewelry is not just for beautification purposes, they also represent a person’s individuality and style.

Jewelry has now been improved as there are different kinds of body jewelry nowadays such as the armbands, toe rings, eyebrow rings, and belly rings. Each has a different price, of course, depending on the materials used.

wholesale fashion jewelry

wholesale fashion jewelry

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Why Sarong is Popular

Since time immemorial, sarongs have been used by men and women as part of their wardrobes or for something else. You’ll be surprised at how many ideas you can come up with on ways to use the sarong.

Evolution of Sarong

Traditionally, sarong is a fabric that comes in colorful designs with intricate patterns and delicate hand-painted animals, birds, flowers and any other landscape or nature-inspired subjects. It is usually worn as a dress with one end of it draping over one shoulder and tied with the corresponding end from the back so it looks like a one-shoulder wrap.

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Wondering what Hot Carl really is? Hot Carl is actually sort of an assistance business that helps the people in the field of music boost up their creativity. How it helps them is by creating a strategy for the aspiring musician, being a solo artist, a rock band or somebody who has just started working his way through the production business, Hot Carl guides the musician through proper planning as he grows in the music business.

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There is a rising hit TV show it is a detective drama on ABC called Castle. The TV series is starred by Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. For most viewers who are into crime related TV series this is one show you don’t want to miss. The American comedy drama, Castle is already on its second season. Nathan Fillion stars as Richard Castle, a novelist called by the New York Police Department to help solve a case of a murderer who makes crimes copied from Richard Castle’s novels. Stana Katic plays as Katie Beckett, she is accompanied by Richard Castle in investigating the cases at the same time Castle also uses her as the main character to one of Castle’s novels.

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