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Supplies for crochet to give a unique look

While, the hooks and yarns are very basic supplies of crochet, there are other things you need prior to starting.
There are so many supplies in the market used for crocheting. Those must be picked out according to the patterns used. When the patterns and designs used are complicated, then you can acquire all the essential supplies to make the work perfect.
The supplies include knitting needles and large variety of yarn types. You will need many hooks and needles to leave them in the unfinished part of the crocheted item, when you concentrate on the other part. For the fresher, and for creating new, patterns are very essential.
The making of crochet materials may not be easy when you start learning. You can learn them all, looking in the how to columns of the special books and magazines. Online search will leave you a lot more, sitting in one corner your home. Choose ribbons or laces as per the new creative patterns of these crochet work. The colorful ribbons can be run through various stitches in the areas where you need to indulge the design and the same case in the lace. Adding ribbons and laces will give more charm to your work.
When you make dresses or cloth out of crochet, materials to be given as lining under the yarn is vital to make it look wonderful. Sewing needles, threads, beads, sequins and other accessories should be added in your crochet kit if you want your work to be more rich and decorative. Hence if you want to make your crochet work the most beautiful, the supplies you need will be unlimited.
Supplies in crochet yarn
The quality of the work can be evaluated easily with the usage of the quality of the yarn used. The types of yarn used for crochet differ from each other. Yet, the texture and the thickness of the yarn play a dominant role in the work. So your yarn can be varied as thick, sometimes thin, at times so soft, fluffy, and hard and it also produced from different animals. Yarns are available, both synthetic and natural.
The common 5 types of yarn and they are unique in its usage.
1. Baby or fingering.
2. Sport or baby
3. Worsted weight
4. Chunky and
5. Bulky
For light weight items like socks, fingering weight is used. Sports weight is another item used for sweaters. Worsted weights make heavier and warmer items. Chunky and bulky can be adopted for heavy and warm makings. The popular fibers used for yarns are acrylic, alpaca, camel hair, cashmere, chenille, lambs wool, mohair and at times silk. Choose the type depending upon the clothing and patterns. Fill your kit with all the necessary supplies to finish the work with more unique look.

Trends in clothing

Clothing style in older days may not be as sound and catchy as people used to be earlier days. The people who consider being modern nowadays may be addiction to some of the older styles that were followed now in the recent past.
Jeans during 1970’s
This is the period when jeans took the fashion world and made many of the women’s to wear tight jeans and tube socks style. The outcome of bikinis in much more glamour style took the course of the action.
Style of Silhouettes
Bell bottoms, muu muu style were some of the adverse style in fashion designing during the year of 1970.
Introduction of Skirts
The period of 1970 saw the introduction of many dresses like mini skirts, maxi dresses, eveningwear, empire dresses, Angel flight suits and designed sleeve dresses. The people who are in older stages got many option of wearing the evening wear dresses. The dresses were so comfortable that it allowed the reduction of tightness and many of them liked it. For men’s they had a chance of wearing the shirts which of satin material with style of having big sized collars. Moreover the hippies all around the world practiced to wear the kaftans, kimonos and muu muu’s freely made dresses which made so familiar in that period. The fashion trends in late 70’s comprised of the dresses which elaborated the comfort ness of being free ness in the body and was so lighter to wear the dresses.
Among many models that struck during the period of 1970 were includes bell bottom pants, high waist banana jeans, Capris, Evening wear, Chemin de fer jeans, jumpsuits, army jackets, Suede jackets with fringes, and high waist jeans with glitter socks.
The teenage girls followed the style of wearing the dresses like knee length peasant shirts. This usually comes with brilliant red in color. It attracted many followers of the fashion designers. Gypsy tops with light texture materials in dark colored made much more impact on fashion of late 1970’s. The peasant skirts helped many teenagers in tackling the hot summer. Awesome dress materials like knee length peasant skirts with amazing red color and baby pink color made hot fashion in the year of 1970.
Another dress which made limelight in the year 1970 was wraparound skirt. This skirt made up of cotton fabric which favored to use this dress in fighting against the hot climate of summer. V necked tank tops with trendy colors made entry during the year of 1970. The Corduroys dress material with colors of brown and green made swashbuckling entry in to the year of 2000. It is generally termed as poor man’s velvet. The other late entry in the fashion world was Cheesecloth dress material with shrink appearance also hit the local market. The men have brought momentum in wearing the Hang Ten satin jackets and leopard skin pattern dresses.


The cultures of the world can be divided into the Eastern and the Western. Mostly the culture reflects the country from which the people originate .However there is a lot of similarity among the westerners and the Easterners. First of all we can guess a person’s nationality from his or her appearance, and then comes the dress, then when we move closer the eating habits, language, rituals they follow, etc. Basically being human beings we all have certain things in common, but still we can differentiate certain things .Now a days dress can’t be the criteria to differentiate since everybody wears the dress available in the place where they live in.
The eating habits differ from country to country. Rice is the staple food for Eastern countries and they prefer to eat cooked vegetables, where as the Westerners prefer to eat bakery items, fresh raw vegetables, rich cakes desserts etc. Language is a big bar between the countries. Each country has many languages but luckily English is the common language throughout the world except a few European countries. Without language it will be difficult to communicate with each other. It is always better to know the common language.
Life style varies from place to place. People living in big cities lead a fast life whereas in small places they live a quiet lethargic life. In order to survive in this fast world we have to change according to the modern trend and go ahead. The other culture reflecting thing is sports and entertainment. Different countries have different type of entertainment .like dances, music, musical instruments. And people sing in their way depending upon where they originate from Cinemas are a type of entertainment which depicts the culture of the people .Oscar awards are given to integrate the various cultures of the world. Cinemas and dramas are encouraged to spread the culture of the different parts of the world.
In Western countries the people live as they wish and Divorces and remarriages are quiet common. Whereas in the Eastern countries the people are more family oriented and prefer to live together as one family .It is mainly because of the religion they follow which preaches them a morality and a principle which they are forced to follow. Without proper regulation the life will go like a river without barriers on either side.
In the modern world people move around from one place to other easily and hence the drift in the culture since they tend to change certain habits due to the place where they migrate. But still it is always better to remember the place where we come from and follow our principles in life wherever we are to lead a happy and peaceful life.

Djembe Musical tool

Amidst all other musical tools that rock the music world, the use of Djembe musical tool is becoming quite familiar nowadays. Moreover the youngsters in this world mostly prefer the Djembe musical tool as their hot favourite one. This Djembe musical tool is made from animal skins and goblet. The Djembe musical tool is originated from Western Africa, the country of Mali. This musical instrument also symbolizes the spirituality and peace.

It is not as easy to handle this musical instrument since you require proper training for handling this instrument. In order to get good bass one need to strike the Djembe musical tool from the center. It is as simple if you start using the hands at right places of the drum. The striking force is also should be perfect when creating good music from it. It is better to learn some basic things and then handle this music tool.

Music of Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with mixture of culture and socio entity, many tourists all around the world visits the country and experience the mixed culture. Several islands like Sumatra, Java and Bali are famous for their traditional Indonesia music.


Gamelan is one of the quality Indonesia music. It is otherwise called as Indonesia orchestra. Gamelan was originated by Javanese king in the late third century and music recited in the royal court of king palace. Metallo phone, drum, gongs, ketuk, kenong and kempu are some of the musical tools that were used in reciting Gamelan. The gong ageng is regarded as soul of Gamelan music.

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