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The culture of a person reflects the place from which he originates. The western countries have different culture from the Eastern countries. South Asia falls under the Eastern countries. The South Asian countries include India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Hong Kong, Philippines, Korea etc. All these countries have similar culture but differ from place to place due to the religion they follow The Indus valley civilization consisted of the Aryans and the Dravidians. These South Asians are descendents of these people. As they migrated to different countries their culture changed to a certain extent according the place where they settled. Basically they have the same culture. For example they all have idol worship except the Islamians, who came in a later period.

They all have certain things in common like music dance etc; Depending on the place where they live the music and dance varies. General things like food habits, politeness to elders, places of worship, cultural programs which indicates the citizens’ day to day life, etc have similarities although they vary slightly form place to place. The places of worship look different but if we probe deeply into it we will find the similarities. The way they celebrate the festivals has similarities that they have musical programs and dance to the drum music. As they get educated the culture varies as they improve their culture to their tune to fit into their life style as it is faster compared to the olden age.


Silver is considered as one of the precious metals like gold, platinum .The price of silver is in between both of them is used for making various ornaments apart from jewelry. It is used to make plates, tumblers, bowls, cups and saucers, spoons, etc; some people make even play toys from silver. They say it is very nice to eat in silver plates and drink in silver tumblers. Silver is used to make some toys for kids and feeding bottles, and sippers etc; Very rarely silver jewels are worn although they are available in the market.

Awesome Bali

Bali considered being socio cultural city with all types of religion practiced here. You could see the mixed culture and heritage of different races in the world. The Indonesia basically regarded as Muslim country with Muslims as majority people. Little number of Hindus from India lives their life. The Indians are considered to be minority people. Major places where people flock are considered to be Kuta, Nuva and Sunur. You will have all basic recreation and entertainment activities like night clubs, bar, restaurants and departmental stores. The city of Bali is also famous for its lively music, artistic painting skills, dance lovers, art work and charismatic work in leather goods.


In early 1960, the United States of America had undergone major youth revolution terming to be hippy movement. In this movement lot of Americans addicted to join and culminated of different regions of the world. This hippy movement brought out change in dress code and style of life. There were many followers in USA and to some parts of the globe. The change in culture and dress code made other people disgusting.

Methods to stretch a piercing

Stretching is termed as gauging. It is the method of raising the size of a piercing hole or fistula. Many of them do it as cultural and ritual activities while some do it for purely adornment. There are different methods in stretching namely tapering, weight, tapered classes and talons, scalpelling, taping and dermal punch. Heating and massaging with application of olive oil is the old technique generally used wide commonly all around the world. In order to get good blood circulation olive oil massaging is the best method, which in turn reduces the damage of skin tissues. Clarly Wickells has reported that best way to stretch a piercing is slow and gradual type where gauging up process done.


Didgeridoo is an instrument, which originated from Australia. It is a three to four feet long wooden rod in which holes made when blown from one end and the holes pressed sound is produced. Playing this musical instrument is a good breathing exercise. Only experts can hold breath for a long time and play continuously for a long time. One inhales through the nose and exhales through the mouth with the help of cheek and tongue. It originated from the Australian tribal people Aborigines They made it out of Eucalyptus wood and played with interest.

Profile on Indonesia

The word Indonesia is originated from Latin word Indus meaning India and nesos meaning the islands. This country got familiar from the year 1900. Now in present world, the Indonesia tops fourth biggest populated country in the globe.

The country Indonesia includes 17,508 islands with 5150 km stretching right from east to west region. Indonesia has much number of active volcanoes. There are many numbers of rain forests which fulfills the green vegetation.


Aboriginals are the original natives of Australia who lived there many years ago. They have certain traditions, which they even keep up till now. Boomerang is a weapon used by them to get their prey. They used to throw them at the target; it reaches the target kills it and then returns back to the person who threw it. These aboriginals were the ones who invented such a peculiar weapon. Another of their invention is the Didgeridoo, which is a musical instrument still famous in Australia.

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